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Tunak Beach & Batu Payung Beach
Exploring Lombok #4

I heard about Tunak beach recently actually and it wasn’t even in our destination list but my brother who went there a day before me suggested me to go this beach cause he said it was so beautiful. At 1st i kinda underestimated him cause i think he haven’t seen lot of beaches yet so for him this one is beautiful.

And since my internet was so horrible when i was on trip, i couldn’t get more info about it so i just tried to. From Mataram, we drove motorbike about 2,5 hours away to Cental Lombok and we even asked some people about the direction and some people didn’t even know about the beach -_-.

We even went to the wrong place at 1st, but when we went to the right direction, the road was kinda bad because of the rain. And when we arrived at the entrance, it is said that it’s Tunak Mountain instead of beach but they said the beach was 5 km away. So we paid Rp. 5.000/person and continue driving, the road was not bad and we found lots of butterflies and it was beautiful.

And yuhuuuu the beach was amazing really! we saw a group of people on the hill so we went there cause it must be beautiful from there. But some people told us to kept walking and its so beautiful from that point, under the tower. So we walked and yea it was amazing view. We could see some tiny islands around and with limited food and drink, we just chill for a bit and enjoy the view. But seriously the beach is nice and the view from the hill is just amazing. If wasnt hungry and thirsty, i didn't even wanna go home and camp there \(^o^)/

But it took pretty long time to find the place earlier with our wrong directions too so we didnt spend much time cause we wanted to continue to Bayu Payung Beach. So we said goodbye to the beach and continue driving for like another 1 hour to Bayu Payung Beach. This beach is famous so i was curious. Batu means stone and Payung means Umbrella so this umbrella stone is the famous thing about this beach and we gotta walk for like 15 minutes on the hills or by the seashore to find this Umbrella Stone.

When we got there,,there were some people swimming and screaming while taking pictures and i dont understand why they gotta scream, i mean their voice won’t be captured by the camera -_-. But anyway the beach is really nice but i didnt feel like swimming so just sat there with so many kids offering us to buy their coconut which was Rp. 10.000/coconut. And it has big waves, it was fun being there, it was just too hot for me

But finally be there after i heard about the place a lot was so satisfying lol, wish to be there again soon and take a better pictures since the sun heat disturbed me from taking a good pics -_-