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Sajang, Sembalun, Lombok
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1/2 day
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Mangku Sakti Waterfall
Exploring Lombok #3

I heard about this waterfall couple months ago from someone’s post on Travel Community page on Facebook, and it looked really nice. I went to Lombok Island a lo but didn’t know about this waterfall so i guess it’s pretty new.

So on December 26th i went and stayed for couple days in Sambik Elen Village, Bayan District, North Lombok at my coworker’s house who i traveled with. And the 1st destination we went to was this Mangku Sakti waterfall located in Sajang, Sembalun which is not that far from Bayan, but i had no idea at all about how to get there.

But the entrance was pretty easy to find, and we gotta pay Rp. 5.000/person. It wasn’t really the entrance anyway but some guys stopped us and said things about contribution for working on the road and stuff. And told us that we still gotta drive for another 2 KM and there will be a parking lot to park the motorbikes.

But his 2 Km wasn’t really 2 KM,, it was like 5 Km and the road was freaking horrible,,maybe cause it was a rainy season and the road was rocky, and muddy and climb up, i gotta stop many times cause i was kinda scared of the road -_-. But on the way we found cool place and met some young people there taking pictures on and i of course didn’t wanna miss my chance to do the same \(^o^)/

But after that,,more horrible roads to go lol, and there was 1 place that it was the most difficult part for everyone, well when we arrive there we were thinking to just park there or passing it through, till some other groups of people coming and helping each other to pass the road \(^o^)/. Not so far after that we arrived at the parking lot, whew. But yea we still gotta walk to reach the waterfall -_-.

There was 2 waterfalls mentioned on the sign and we start trekking and met some other people on the way. And it was like 500 meters away till we found the waterfalls and there were some other people there taking pictures and stuff. It was kinda disappointing that the water was dirty due to rainy season tho. I could be better, that im thinking prolly will be back again in dry season.

The place is actually nice, i just wish the water wasn’t that dirty like a choco milk. But didn’t really spend much time there, was just taking lots of pics and chillin’ for a bit, worried if its gonna rain then its gonna be difficult to go back. But it was still difficult no matter what lol. Even harder than when we came. But i guess they have some people on duty to help the visitors since i kept seeing the same people helping visitors in a really bad spots of the road just like when we 1st came there. It’s good tho -_-,,the road needs to be fixed soon.

It would be so much better if they fix the road, but as always bad road means less people come there so the place is still good. And the funny thing about that trip was what so memorable wasn’t even the waterfall but the effort to go there instead lol. But im seriously planning to go there again, prolly with different friends since my friends i went to dont wanna go there anymore cause of the road lol.